About BlueLine

BlueLine Conservation Incentives employs market-based strategies to fund conservation projects.

While public and charitable funding is more available to conservation efforts than ever before, we firmly believe that these resources alone cannot preserve land, ecosystems, and biodiversity at the scale necessary in the 21st century. While many see the market as only a driving force behind destruction of natural resources, BlueLine sees the market as a powerful tool that conservation efforts can’t afford to ignore. Through incentives and other enabling legislation, the market can become the very instrument that preserves unique landscapes, ecosystems, and species.

BlueLine took root in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which serves as a global example of how market-incentivized conservation programs can provide a tremendous catalyst for public and private benefit. Since our founding, BlueLine has served as a primary market maker of Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credits, helping to preserve tens of thousands of acres of open land and forest while providing landowners with a handsome return. Today, we continue to help generate and sell these tax credits as part of an expanded brokerage service that also offers nutrient credits and wetland stream/credits.

BlueLine has also expanded beyond the boundaries of Virginia by establishing a comprehensive conservation finance consultancy. Whether you are a private landowner looking to preserve your farm for future generations or a state trying to create a forest preserve, BlueLine offers the market tools you need to accomplish your conservation goals. Our consultancy focuses on the MidAtlantic region of the United States, but we have helped finance conservation projects ranging as far as Malaysia and Brazil.

Our History

BlueLine Conservation Incentives is an affiliate company of Norman Realty, and as such, part of a tradition spanning over sixty years in Virginia. Our expertise in conservation finance is inseparable from the Norman family’s heritage in real estate and Virginia rural communities.

Jay Norman, the second President of Norman Realty, founded BlueLine in 2005 as a way to protect the intrinsic and historic value of Virginia’s open scenic lands. Jay recognized that in the twenty first century, conservation efforts balance development and render it sustainable.