BlueLine Consulting Client Adds 48,466 acres to Malaysian Park

Since 2018, the Rainforest Trust has helped establish and expand Kenyir State Park in Malaysia. This collaborative effort with Rimba and the State of Terangganu protects rainforest and biodiversity against deforestation.

BlueLine has served as a conservation finance consultant to Rainforest Trust and Rimba with a shared goal to ultimately preserve 250,000 acres of rainforest surrounding Lake Kenyir. Logging, poaching, and agricultural conversion all threaten this critical biodiversity resource. Jay continues to develop conservation finance strategies for Kenyir State Park. Most notably, he has contributed to the foundation of a Palm Oil mitigation program to fund future land acquisitions. He has also devised a payment for water services (PWS) regime to repay Green Sukuk bonds used to acquire forest rights.

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