Easement Consulting

Since 2005, BlueLine has helped Virginia landowners protect the natural beauty and ecological value of their property by establishing economically viable conservation easements. Our deep understanding of real estate will help you maximize the value of your easement and realize the best possible return on the preservation of your property.

BlueLine has worked closely with Virginia landowners, government and our region’s rural areas for more than 14 years, so we have an intimate understanding of how to establish conservation easements that protect open spaces while providing a substantial return on investment.

Under the Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credit Program, a conservation easement donor receives tax credits equal to 40% of the easement appraisal value. The landowner may use these credits against his or her own taxes, or the landowner can sell the credits at a discount to others for a more immediate return. An easement donation is a complex transaction and the ultimate return you receive from the sale of your Virginia income tax credits can depend upon decisions you make early in the easement donation process.

BlueLine Helps Landowners maximize return on conservation easements by:

  • Visiting our client’s property to evaluate and catalogue the property’s land, buildings and unique features.
  • Identifying our client’s conservation and financial goals, and working towards a balanced assessment of options for the short and long term.
  • Streamlining the application paperwork and process to structure proper easements that generate the best possible financial return while safeguarding the unique attributes of a property.
  • Working with the Commonwealth’s and the nation’s most revered land trusts. We guide our clients in choosing the land trust best suited to their individual needs.
  • Taking an integrated and team approach, we utilize our connections with the region’s most respected appraisal, legal and accounting firms to offer a thorough and professional experience that delivers a high level of easement integrity and client satisfaction.
  • BlueLine’s integrated services and quality controls assist the landowner in establishing the validity and market value of their credits.
  • BlueLine is a primary market maker of land preservation tax credits and can command pricing at the top of the market.